Disabled Person's Register

If you have a disabled child, please complete this questionnaire so that your details can be included on Hillingdon's Disabled Person's Register.

The Register records information about people in the Borough who have a physical, sensory or learning disability. Certain conditions are listed in section 2 but the Register is not limited only to those. If you would like your or your child's details to be included please complete the questionnaire.

Why should I complete the questionnaire?

  • So that we can keep you up to date about any service developments that may be of interest to people with disabilities

  • To help make Hillingdon Council and local NHS services are aware of the need for services in the area

  • A range of benefits (to follow)

Will my information be secure?

We will always manage the information you give us using the guidelines set out in the Data Protection Act 1998, unless not doing so would put someone at risk.

The information you give us will only be used for consultation purposes, for example if council or health service officers would like to contact you about changes in services or services they might be planning.

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